J-life stands for Jesus Life. We are non-government and non-denominational organization that strives to equip the church to run effective youth ministries. We are committed to living out the great commandment and fulfilling the great commission. We equip and serve the local church through connecting relationally, offering high quality youth ministry training, coaching and monitoring for implementation and resource the local church were possible.

J-Life Nigeria is an affiliate of J-Life International Ministries with an Headquarters in South Africa

Our Mission
Our mission is to mobilize disciple making youth movement. We seek to accomplish this by equipping and releasing young leaders.

Our Vision
To mobilize and equip young leaders through Nigeria who are passionate about living out the Great Commission and Great Commandment both privately and in their ministries.

Our Philosophy (DNA)
·        Jesus is our model
·        Disciple making is our mission
·        Love is our motive
·        Organic Ministry is our method
·        The Holy Spirit is our means
·        Fruit is our measure
·        The Gospel is our message
·        The Church is our medium
·        Youths are our mandate
·        Relationships is our momentum
·        Leading servants is our motto
·        Kingdom obedience is our distinctive mark